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Shop men's and women's Dan Post boots from exotic boots to traditional cowboy and cowgirl boots. Dan Post Boot Co. makes Dan Post, Dingo, Laredo and John Deere boots. Some of the finest western and work boots made. Experience the comfort and style of Dan Post boots. Unlike other cowboy boots or western boots, Dan Post boots are ruggedly constructed. We're convinced that Dan Post boots are some of the finest western boots available today.

Since the 1960s, Dan Post has proudly been manufacturing women's and men's cowboy boots with "Handcrafted Cushion Comfort." Using only premium leathers and exotic skins, Dan Post guarantees that every pair of boots is of the highest quality and provides maximum comfort. With a long and proud tradition in western footwear, you can count on Dan Post for top quality, handcrafted cowboy boots.

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Dan Post Boot Fit

Dan Post boot are made with premium leather and the finest exotics skins to ensure the highest level of quality and the most comfortable fit. While boots may need a few wears to loosen, they should feel comfortable and fit properly right out of the box.

How should your new Dan Post boots fit?

After you slip on a new Dan Post boot, it should fit snug across the top of your foot and should slip into the heel. Overtime, the boot will stretch and will loosen across the top. As the sole breaks in, the slippage in the heel goes away. Ideally, when the boot is new it has about 1/8" slippage in the heel. If it does not have slippage, it's too short and that can cause issues such as blisters.

Depending on the toe shape of the boot, your toes will be in different places. For example, with pointier toe shaped boots will place your toes further back from the front of the boot. With square toe shaped boots, your toes are placed closer to the front of the boot. So the right place to make sure the boot is the right length is the width. The widest part of your foot should align with the widest part of the boot.

The widest part of the boot should be snug enough to 'hold' your foot with a light grip. The foot should certainly not be swimming in the boot. In addition, your toes should not be pinched in any way and should be able to move.

Another check, is to pinch the top of the boot at the vamp. If there is not enough to pinch the boot is too small.