Mens Boot Socks 2 Pair Pack
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Mens Boot Socks 2 Pair Pack
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Dan Post Cowboy & Cowgirl Certified Signature Socks in White.

Stay up all day. The unique design of our over-the-calf boot socks ensures they comfortably stay in place all day with no binding or squeezing. Because they stay up, they help protect the leg against the friction sometimes caused by tall boots.

Comfortable. Our Cowboy and Cowgirl Certified socks has ribbed comfort arch support, added support above the ankle, cushioning on the sole and a reinforced heelナit all adds up to less fatigue on the lower leg and calf area.

The finest materials. These socks are made of a combination of the finest quality cotton for comfort; Sorbtek to keep the feet a more constant temperature and to absorb, move and release moisture away from the skin for superb moisture management; and Lycra to ensure the sock keeps its shape and continues to fit well. Then they're knit together in a way that makes them smoother and softer for the foot. They're durable, help reduce sock slippage and skin irritation, and are cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Unparalleled fit. There are three sizes each for the Adult Cowboy and Cowgirl, rather than the one-size-fits-all system available from some sock manufacturers. And the Adult Cowgirl socks are specially designed for a woman's narrower foot so they're less likely to slide or bunch up in the toe area.

Ideal for western boots and all types of boots (working, hunting, etc.) Manufactured in the U.S.A.

7 to 10.5
10.5 to 13
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